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to russia. in exchange, four people convicted of spying in russia are coming back to the u.s. this is the largest spy swap between the two countries since the cold war. >>> jessica doyle is here with a special "living $mart" report. the very big business of a big movie franchise. >> that's right. of course twilight is a hit, right? close to $200 million in ticket sales so far. so what's better for twilight fans or so-called twihards than seeing eclipse decked out in apparel and makeup? the fans live for the twilight movie. >> i love the story. i have seen the first two movies a couple of times. >> reporter: they root for their favorite characters. >> i would definitely say jacob is cuter. >> team jacob. i like the horrible things. pretty cool. >> reporter: and now twilight fans can take their love of the film to a new level. whether you are with team edward or team jacob, nordstrom has a product they hope will eclipse your expectations. a fresh collection of twilight inspired clothing to help you dress like bella. >> that is awesome. i can do bella. >> reporter: and that is n
. if you didn't feel it, an hour and five minutes ago the earth moved right here in our area. the u.s. geological survey says we had a magnitude 3.6 earthquake. the epicenter was the roberto clement center in germantown. we have been hearing from a lot of you that were rattled out of a deep sleep. devon is here to tell us more about how something like this happens in our region. >> anytime you have mountain ranges in a region that's a big sign that you have some fault lines coming in. the shenandoah fault region is what they call it. i was talking to jessica from usgs and we talked to her about 30 minutes ago and i was trying to find fault line maps on- line. very hard to do so because we don't get them here. the last one we had is in 2008. that was 2 point something. i will go to my weather maps and zoom in and show you a wide look where we are. there you see the district. i didn't put city names on there. i should do a better job. but i will zoom in to montgomery county and that shows you where the middle school right there is in germantown. 270 running through. there it is, 3.6 mag
arrested this morning in norway. u.s. officials say they were hatching a bomb plot. it was similar to an attack planned on the new york subways. that one was thwarted. attorney general eric holder called it one of the most serious plots since 9/11. a similar thwarted plot in england was revealed yesterday. >>> straight out of the cold war a spy swap could be in the works. a lawyer for one of the russians accused of being a spy here in america says a deal could be reached today. we would send 11 people caught here to russia. in exchange we would get back americans accused of spying in russia. no word from the u.s. or russia on this potential deal. >>> fairfax county police hope someone may have seen vanessa pham's killer and they are asking for your help. detectives released this video showing the college student and her white scio in. she entered the fairfax shopping plaza on june 27th. she drove around for a while and then left the shopping center. the college freshman was later found stabbed to death inside of her car, which crashed in to a ditch on arlington boulevard. >> detect
to renew it quickly. the state department is liking fees for u.s. passports and visas as of july 14th. it will cost $135 for adults, 105 for people urn the age of 16 and $55 for adult passport cards which could be used by americans traveling by land or sea for thrips to are can ya, mexico and the caribbean. act quickly so you don't have to pay the extra $35. >> fish it out. >>> tight fans are out in force and setting records. the movie eclipse took in $30 million on wednesday and that is just at midnight screenings. that doesn't include people who went during the day yesterday. brecks the old record of $26 million set by the new moon film last november. and you know more people will go see the film over this holiday week. >>> it is 7 after the hour. in ten minutes, an airline story guaranteed to make you say, meow. and four minutes aft controversy arlington cemetery. the blame game over misidentified graves and an agency in chaos. right now our focus on maryland's weather and traffic. here's howard. >>> good morning. it is chilly out there, especially in western maryland. you need a j
was on hand on sunday as officials signed the pact. the deal, which the u.s. has been pushing for years must be approved still by the afghan parliament and pakistani parliament. the u.s. hopes it will increase the number of civilians working against the taliban in al-qaeda and open more afghan trade groups to india. >>> a suicide bomber in iraq killed nearly 50 people in baghdad. it is the deadliest attack in the iraqi capital in year. the bombing tore through a line of fighters waiting to collect their paychecks near an iraqi military base. the attack comes as the u.s. prepares to withdrawal troops in the war-torn country. >>> there's concern among some local bus riders following a deadly shooting at the lake forest transit center in gaithersburg. it happened late saturday after 23-year-old man got in to an argument with another man. as startled passengers looked on he tried to get in a taxi. the cabby did not want to be identified. >> this is where he tried to enter from and, he managed to open the door and then collapsed to the floor. if you look here, he was struggling to enter the vehic
in the city for years an it could sign a lease by fall. >>> delta and u.s. airways are backing away from a plan that would have expanded flight options at reagan national airport. u.s. airways was looking to add 15 daily destinations. regulators were requiring the airlines to give up space to competitors so the washington business journal reports that the carriers dropped the plans. >>> apple's record-setting debut led to another surge, old iphones hitting ebay and other sites. they are selling a perfect condition 32 gig ipod for $168. it has a host of older models selling for as little as 1 cent. in that case buyer beware. who knows if it will even work. may not even turn on. >> people will see a penny and they that is not a big risk. >> not a big risk. >> who knows. >>> an update on the breaking news. the fire in northeast washington. joining us now deputy fire chief. what can you tell us? who houses, we understand, caught fire? >> good morning. yes. right now we had a fire in one home and it expanded in to two others. the fire is under control. it is being investigated at this time. w
back to the u.s. this week. cole on the harris moore was arrested in the bahamas yesterday. he escaped from a halfway house in 2008 and is suspected of stealing cars, boats and planes. >>> inspectors are checking out a roller coaster at a baton rouge, louisiana amusement park. a woman reportedly fell from the coaster an died on sunday. the ride is temporarily closed. >>> a unique location to see a rare sight. easter island, one of the best places to watch a full eclipse of the sun. it is one of the few places you could even see it yesterday and it lasted for about four minutes. devon lucie is here with our weather forecast. >> good morning. >> did you have a good weekend. >> pretty good weekend. tip cal july. and we may have a couple of thunderstorms. >> did you have a good weekend. >> i thought you were asking me about the weekend. >> no, how was your weekend. >> these stupid things in the ears i can't hear. i have small ears any way. today is what i think most of us are concerned with is the next three days. 88 i'm bringing didn't temperatures down but the down side is humidity build
criminal history reading up on the most notorious criminals in u.s. history and in fact prince georges county police say he meticulously planned out his murders and went so far as to mask the crime scene in an attempt to throw off investigators. so we are dealing with a very intelligent criminal here. >> eeriely like the plot from criminal minds. unbelievable. thank you, kristin. >> uh-huh. >>> an oakton, virginia man is due in court on charges. he is accused of offering himself as a fighter to a somali group linked to al- qaeda. he said he unsuccessfully tried to travel to join the group ail saab back. prosecutors say chesser also posted an on-line warning to the creators of "south park "saying they risk death for mocking the prophet mohammad. more than two years ago, this you tune video made made lines it showed a run in between a baltimore police officer and a teenager skater. he was accused of using excessive force. for now the officer was cleared of the charge but he could be disciplined by the baltimore police chief. the lawyer for the teenager involved is recommending anger mana
admitted they are russian citizens living in the u.s. under false identities. the three are among 11 suspects arrested last week. it's believed they have been in the states since the 1990s. officially not suspect any state secrets were stolen. jessica is here and has how much it is costing us to keep cool in the heat wave. >> get ready for sticker shock when the power bill arrives. it is leading to sharply higher utility bills in the mid- atlantic. dominion virginia power says the amount of energy to cool a house is up 55% in northern virginia last month alone. the cane company says raising it to 78 degrees can shave 1% or more off the bill. and even worse in richmond, costs there rose 76%. >>> construction may soon behind on the convention center hotel in the district. jbg and marriott international have reached an agreement in principle to allow construction to begin on the $550 million hotel this fall. the 14-story marriott marquee hotel is planned for massachusetts avenue and ninth street northwest. the project has faced hangups before the convention center opened in 2003. >>> ge
away 212 in both directions. southbound u.s. 1, another troubled spot here at southern drive. all lanes continue to be blocked because of road debris. and branch avenue at the suitland parkway, dealing with another fallen tree in the roadway. use caution. we will wrap it up in the district. jessica, back to you. >>> 14 hours after storms rolled through the region people are picking up the pieces. a quarter million people in the region are waking up without power. here's the latest numbers -- >>> the sound of chain saws will echo throughout the region today. the storm brought down trees in rockville. two deaths were blamed on the storms. wssc customers in maryland are under mandatory water restrictions. the power is back on at a fill administration plant in potomac but it will take a couple more hours for things to get back to normal. let's get out and see how things look as the sun comes up. kristin fisher is live in aspen hill, maryland. what are you seeing? >> good morning, jessica. good news and bad news. the bad news is we have 270 traffic lights still in the dark this morning as we
involve the war in afghanistan, the u.s. relations with pakistan. the white house calls the leak alarming. >>> starting today, property managers in the district can ban smoking within 25 feet of buildings. it impacts both commercial and residential properties. signs must be clearly posted. >>> wyclef jean is considering running to become the president of haiti. he was born there and became an activist following the earthquake. the current president renee perval cannot seek re-election. the weather is looking good already. >> it is looking good already. we have a chance of thunderstorms the middle of the week. not expecting anything like what we had, we get one of those every decade or so. get you going with the forecast. start in the low 70s in to be. a lot of 60s. very few in the 70s right now. noontime temperature in the low to mid-80s. topping off in the upper 80s to near 90. slight chance of a shower south and west but not too humid. this morning, sunny and pleasant. 60s and 70s with light winds. this afternoon, going to be a warm day with a stray shower south and west of town. not to
clinton announced this morning u.s. sanctions on north korea. it is an effort to stop the north's nuclear ambitions. >>> hov cheaters, here's your warning, police will be out in force cracking down on violaters across the region. a similar sting last may ended up with 1,000 tickets handed out by police. >>> and another heads up on the roads today. new red light and speed cameras you should know about. kristin fisher has more. >> reporter: good morning. well, you know, these red light cameras have been up and running over a month now but until today violaters only received a written warning. as of midnight or 12 a.m. this morning if you are caught running these red light cameras you are going to get slapped with a $50 fine. here's the intersections you need to watch for. northbound north glebe road at fairfax drive. northbound north lynn street and east lee highway. southbound fort meyer drive at westbound lee highway and where i am at right now, northbound washington boulevard at lee highway. so consider this your warning. not only do you know where the intersections are well in advance b
.in the upper 60s. the big ridge of high pressure over the u.s. on the northern edge of that. look at the big thunderstorms, iowa and illinois out of missouri and indiana some of that action will work its way east during the day and we have a threat of thunderstorms this afternoon. throw in the heat and humidity and it will set the stage for some of the storms to be on the strong side. 9 future cast. notice the showers and storms starting to fire here. by 3:00 we are clearing out. tomorrow we start quiet and bubble up to more showers and storms and quiet down tomorrow night. looks like it will be with us. and the tropics we are watching a vigorous tropical wave near puerto rico. this thing if it gets going could be a storm the next few days and maybe some of the models in south florida. here's the seven-day forecast. low to mid-90s the next few days with a couple of storms today and tomorrow. thursday looks quieter. friday and saturday hotter with afternoon storms. upper 90s to near 100 and sunday and monday back to the 90-degree mark. it is 6:47. angiesthis the latest on the morning commute.
the heat but the lack of rain and now drought conditions. u.s. drought monitor, checked it out. they issue this every tuesday. and the other day we saw parts of he region in southern maryland over the eastern shore in the moderate drought. you still have to get severe and extreme and historical. this she first level of the drought. the re of us are abnormally dry, which is a precursor to getting in to moderate drought. we need rain. looks like we will be dry here for a while. temperatures today in the low 80s. very nice on friday. a warmer saturday, near 90 and in to the 90s on the 4th of july. sunny and hot. as we get temperatures in the 90s it is not out of the question we bubble up an isolated storm here and there. rain chances will be staying down. sunny and cool. 50s and 60s. upper 40s. winds are light and variable. this afternoon, sunny, another awesome day. north wind at five to ten miles an hour. tonight, clear and comfortable in the 50s and 60s. should be a couple of degrees warmer than this morning and light southwesterly winds and a warmup begins tomorrow. you will notice 49 in
. >>> right now at wusa u.s. 9.com, we have more on this sleep apnea study and learn a local doctor's solution to treating the problem. it is all on our living well page. >>> and we are here with more on our forecast. storms last night. more today? it looks like we're going to get more. i want to mention real quick. for extreme eastern caroline and a tornado warning until 7:15. and for us, the next three days, let's check them out here. more thunderstorms in store for us. i think through the evening hours and overnight towards wednesday morning. scattered thunderstorms possible and that's where our chances lead to. but i think it ends by wednesday afternoon as the front is going to swing through. more sunshine leads to very warm and lot and humid conditions later on. let's see our forecast, bit by bit here. fog, mist mainly west of here. dealing with that, give yourself a few extra minutes. 70 to 76 is our temperatures now. we'll be up around the 80- degree mark in the next hour or two. i think a chance of thunderstorms starts to roll back around. more cloud cover and that is keeping the tempe
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